wimbledoneI absolutely love this time of year. Lessons are over and so no more planning and marking to do for a long while. The promise of a summer is just around the corner and there is time to think, to plan and to reflect. It is, in my view, essential to take this thinking time to look at what worked well this year and what didn’t. It has been a year of upheaval for us in the lycée sector with all that the reforms have brought – new measures, new ways of working, new methods for collaborating with colleagues, new evaluation protocoles – and then, the kids. I think it is really important to take time to think about our pupils. What have they learned with me this year ? I mean both in terms of language and also in terms of life skills.

To my students who will be moving on to pastures new, I wish you best of luck for your futures. To those who will be at school again next year, I hope our paths will cross again at some point. And to those who will be back in room B103 again next September, hold on to your hats because there is going to be a lot coming at you !!!



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