Silver Jubilee

jubilee 3

I began my career as a classroom teacher twenty-five years ago this year. 1989 saw me as a green, naive, young languages teacher in the UK, rigid with nerves and yet full of eager anticipation and excitement at having my own classroom and most importantly, a real teacher’s red pen and register to mark every morning !!

I am still going strong, twenty-five years down the road. No longer so green, naive or young, BUT still getting a buzz from it all and still loving the contact with the students. I am finding it hard to believe it has been twenty-five years, especially as I also find it hard to believe sometimes  I am not still in my twenties !!

Learned a lot along the way; am still learning every day and whilst I continue to feel that way, I guess I must be doing something right. The day I stop feeling like this is the day to put that red pen away for good.

Happy Jubilee to me !!