A dream come true

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The sound file is on your Pupil CD in your textbook MISSIONS Terminales and it is track n°1. In case you don’t have the CD, the sound file is here :- A dream come true mp3

Here are tMissions Unit 1he edited sound files for the Listening work on A dream come true (p4 WB and p18 M).

Dream come true part 1   Dream come true part 2

Dream come true extract 1    Dream come true extract 2   

Dream come true conclusion

Extract 1 TEXT to complete. (B1)

It ___________ he is ___________  ___________ when he and his ___________ since ___________ are ___________ their rough and tumble ___________ of ___________  ___________ on an ___________  ___________ in their ___________  -___________  ___________.

Extract 2 DICTATION Exercise (B2)

Try the text as a Letter-filler via the software Textivate by clicking here : Dream come true extract 2 letter-filler