4. Improve my writing skills

Here is a powerpoint presentation for you to work on to begin with :

Improving the quality of your written english Jenny LEGER

When you have finished, you must improve on the quality of this passage, using the techniques highlighted in the powerpoint lesson.

The room is colourful and there are a lot of people in there. It is night time in November, quite cold so the heating is on in there. A party is going on for someone’s birthday. Groups of teenagers stand talking to each other. Some of the teenagers seem happy and confident. Some are not so much. They are wearing their best clothes and trying to look cool and impress each other.

Bring your improved version to class.

Now, can you follow this LINK and answer the questions. You will need this code number : 69 62 75

You can also scan this QR code, if you prefer.

Verb structures improve the quality of your writing work. You will find help here.

Fiche d’aide à la révision Writing Skills ICI.