The Football Match

The Football Match

Answer these questions in your English exercise book.

True or False

1) Karen is a football fan.
2) Mick is a football fan.
3) Mick feels cross with Karen for ruining the amtch for him.
4) Karen feels very ill at the match.
5) Karen wants to go home.
6) Mick wants to leave with Karen.
7) Mick chooses football in preference to his girlfriend.
8) Mick can’t really see Karen’s point of view.

Put these events in order :

1. Mick indicated which bus number to take.
2. Karen left the match alone.
3. Karen and Mick were at a football match together.
4. Karen felt sick.
5. Karen decided to go home.
6. Mick didn’t want to leave the match.
7. Mick didn’t understand why Karen was mad at him.
8. Karen finished with Mick.
9. Mick bought Karen a hotdog.
10. A goal was scored.