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An English teacher trainer at a French university, working with trainee teachers. Primary and secondary teaching of English.

Goodness me – it has been a long time !!

It sure has been a very long time since I last wrote a post on my blog. Time goes by, life happens, grandchildren get born … did I mention I am now a Granny ?? And the next thing you know, you haven’t contributed to your sleeping blog for a very long time !!

Approaching the month of June is one of my favourite times of the year. It is time to take stock of what we have achieved over the past 9 months of learning and to prepare for the new projects ahead in September. I always have plenty of those !!

Just a few more lessons left before the end of the school year so lots of thinking as to how to optimize what time is left. This year, I am takiing the time, at the end of each assignment, to reflect on how it has gone and how it could be improved for next year. By writing the details for the assignment at this point of the year, my ideas are fresh as to what has worked and what hasn’t. Fixing your final task before you get started on the actual teaching. Do as I say, not as I do ? I think not !! Practice what I preach – that is more like it !!

At this stage of the year, lots of time to think and the new ideas should appear here progressively. Watch this space, as they say !!

After the party

“Well,” said the Queen to the little bear “where do you go from here?”

“I am not sure your Majesty” Paddington Bear answered with a tear.

“You see, the Browns have all grown up and gone on their separate ways.”

Paddington continued “I am now homeless as I have nowhere else to stay.”

“Well, my little friend” the Queen replied to him “this will never do at all.

“I too am all alone. You can move into my palace. I’m sure we will have a ball.”

The little bear looked up and asked “Will there be marmalade, dear Queen?”

“Of course,” she replied. “The biggest spread of sandwiches you’ve ever seen.

And cups of tea and crockery that you can drop and I will never never mind.”

The little bear replied “Your Majesty I accept your offer. You are very, very kind.”

PS – Stronger together

We shall be celebrating in style – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Always a fan – always happy to celebrate a Royal event. We had a tea party in my classroom for the Golden Jubilee with pupil-made bunting. I managed to convince some of my pupils that I was invited to the Royal Wedding for William and Kate. I have my various pictures of the members of the Royal Family around my classroom and office. And every year group is treated to my chapter on the book “The Queen’s Hat”, complete with my royal doll and guardsman. So this year, celebrating the Platinum Jubilee is just awesome … loads of bunting, a good Victoria Sponge and scones, served with lashings of tea in my best bone china. What better way to celebrate ??!!

The new year is just around the corner

So 2021 is on its way out and can we say we are sorry about that ? Not sure we can really, as it has been a rum old year what with Covid and all the mess that has caused. Can we hope for a better year in 2022 ? Not sure it could be worse, frankly. But all the same, it is a yearly exercise of mine to look back over the past year and forward to the next, trying to find the positives along the way. So here we go :

In 2021 I took the time out from life that I needed to focus on my health. When it comes, you don’t always have a choice and you just have to go with it, which I did, but I am glad I did as the time out was a gift. And when something is taken away from you, as my job was during this period, you come to really appreciate it when you are finally able to get back to it. So in 2021 I rediscovered the absolute joy that is this dream job of mine. Lucky lucky me.

In 2021 I took the time to learn to cook more. And I discovered that I am not half a bad cook when I give myself the time to do it properly. Learning to make a decent nut roast has been a joy and something I had wanted to do for years.

With being ill and fragile, as cancer tends to make you, I really came to appreciate the warmth of my family all around me. This was made even clearer by the impossibility of being able to go back to England due to Covid restrictions. So my French family picked me up in a huge warm snuggly blanket of love and protection. For this I will be eternally grateful.

And talking of French family, I finally became French myself after all this time !! Félicitations à moi !! I didn’t like the look of the post-Brexit world for a Brit like me in France and so did the deed. I was more chuffed than I ever would have imagined when it all finally came through.

In August I went for a swim at our local pool and (re)discovered the absolute joy of swimming. I now swim regularly two or three times a week and it keeps my aches and pains at bay. I can’t say I am a great swimmer but I truly enjoy it and can’t wait for the pool to re-open after Xmas to get back in the water.

Now for plans for 2022

First and foremost, keep swimming !!

Continue enjoying my fabulous job and working with some amazing people. My student-trainees, my team of tutors, my colleagues – there are so many people that are involved in the process of training a teacher and I feel very lucky to be a bit of a central person, bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together.

A new project on the boil where I have been asked to edit a language teaching book for French learners of English. Very proud moment. Lots of work ahead, I think, but looking forward to the challenge.

Hoping to get back to the UK before too long. I had to abandon Christmas plans. Maybe February ?

And above all, keep well and try to continue to dodge Omicron or Delta or whatever new variants are coming our way.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you in the New Year.


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