A new week ahead




All change !!

time for change

So, the time has finally come to leave the school and the classroom that I have called home for the past 19 years !! 19 years !! Who would have thought it ? I started at this school as a trainee teacher in 1998 at a time when an OHP was considered to be avant-gardiste and students had 6 hours of English lessons a week !!


Moving on is going to be exciting and it has been coming for a while. Working part-time in multiple places was never going to work for me long term but has given me the chance to try things out and now I am ready to take the big step into full-time teacher training. It is going to be challenging and doubtlessly, at times I will think I was better off with my stroppy teenagers, but this is a real opportunity to work with future generations of teachers and to add my own little modest contribution.

afraid of change

I am not afraid … I am just very very excited about it all !!

change philosophy

Streamlining and Downsizing

Over the course of summer 2016, I am going to be streamlining my Big English Blog with a view to downsizing a little. It has become too big to handle.


You may have noticed that a large number of the tabs have disappeared. The information is still here – it has just been tidied up a bit. If you can’t locate what you are looking for, try the SEARCH box.

downsizing cartoon


I am also going to be relocating all training resources and information onto the sister blog : http://www.jennylegertraining.wordpress.com

You can find where to go by visiting the FORMATION tab and you will be pointed on your merry way to the correct place.

Any comments or questions always welcome via the CONTACT page.

Enjoy your visit and thanks for dropping by !!

Drive safely

I work with teenagers, lots of whom are learning to drive and who come to me, delighted to say they have passed their driving test. I am also a mum of teenagers who have their driving licence or who are learning to drive. I am also mum to the victim of a road accident. Thankfully it was not with lasting physical effects and there was absolutely no question of alcohol being involved. The mental scars have remained though – perhaps with the mum more than with the victim !!!

This video below is gruesome and I apologize in advance for the graphic nature if I offend anyone. However, this seems to me an ideal opportunity to hit a message home to my students. Drive safely. Never drink and drive. Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking. I am sure all your parents would prefer a “Can you pick me up, please ?” phone-call to a “There’s been an accident” knock at the door, even at four o’clock in the morning.


Holiday clean-up

As lessons will be coming to an end in the coming fortnight, I shall be starting my big clean-up on this blog. It will be three years old soon and needs a bit of a tidy-up. If you find it is off-line, do not worry. it is only because it is being given a make-over and it will be back, sparkly and new in September.

Almost there !!!

As I open up the front page of my blog today, I see the number of hits is 44,982. That means that in just 18 more hits, I will have reached 45,000 hits on my humble little blog. I am truly gobsmacked (and anyone who knows me will know that it takes a lot to render me speechless !!!). This blog venture began about seven years ago, when I created my first googlesite to be able to share mp3 files with my students to prolong their listening work out of the classroom and to stop me from having to copy onto USB flashdrives countless times. How things have moved on !! In that time, I have moved over to wordpress and I have even become a “dotcom” in my own right !! It was reported back to me recently that some teachers think I am mad to have created this blog. “Elle est folle” were the exact words. I believe they were referring to the sheer size of the blog today and the quantity of resources that are contained herein. I like to tell myself they weren’t referring to my mental state !!! This blog has actually existed in its current form since July 4th 2012, so it is fast approaching its 3rd birthday. Of course, over the course of those three years, it has grown and grown and will continue to grow. It didn’t start immediately in its current form, of course. It was a much smaller and less ambitious proposition then.

To everyone who visits me here, I thank you wholeheartedly for your support. I hope you continue to find useful stuff here and also on my sister blogs, on Funology, on British pronunciation and on general musings about teaching and teacher training.

So, hold on your hats for when we reach 45,000 !!!