ESPE MSA – August Pré-Rentrée

Please read this article and choose your 5 top tips in order of preference.

Fifty ways to survive in the first year of teaching

Don’t forget to complete your piece of the jigsaw puzzle for Day 2.

jigsaw piece


Day Two 

Resources from Day 2 are available here :  Docs Day 2

An interesting “anti-icebreaker” article for you to read and reflect upon : ARTICLE anti ice breakers


bibliography 1



Observation #1 must be completed by UE37 session 1.


TIMETABLE 1st semester

The timetable is available via Adecampus. To access the programme, you need your university login and password. For some of you, this may take some time. Here are the times you must be in lessons at the ESPE for the first two weeks, in case you are unable to access Adecampus immediately.

Tues 04/09 9-13H UE34 Stéphanie BERNARD G01

Friday 07/09 9-12H Tronc  Commun in groups // 13H30-17H30 UE34 CM Jenny Léger C24

Tues 11/09 9H30-12H30 Collège group UE37 Jenny LEGER C24 // 13H30-16H30 UE34  TD Jenny Léger C24

Friday 14/09 9-12H Tronc  Commun in groups // 13H30-17H30 M2 MEEF only UE 35 recherche Stéphanie BERNARD (pas de Parcours adapté).

Tuesday 18/09 9h30-12h30 Lycée group UE37 Jenny Léger C24


CALENDAR to help you to plan your time and your energy for the year

Here is an attempt to indicate the major stages during your year, so you can, as far as possible, anticipate deadlines and plan your time.