The benefits of fresh air

A good long walk in the woods with nothing but my camera and my dog, Bobby for company. Great for “thinking time”. It is so easy to forget how pretty Autumn can be.DSC_0276[1]DSC_0253[1]


I got there !!!

100000 hits

Today was the day I reached 100,000 visits on my blog. I started this adventure five years ago and this is how far it has come. Thank you everyone !!

All change !!

time for change

So, the time has finally come to leave the school and the classroom that I have called home for the past 19 years !! 19 years !! Who would have thought it ? I started at this school as a trainee teacher in 1998 at a time when an OHP was considered to be avant-gardiste and students had 6 hours of English lessons a week !!


Moving on is going to be exciting and it has been coming for a while. Working part-time in multiple places was never going to work for me long term but has given me the chance to try things out and now I am ready to take the big step into full-time teacher training. It is going to be challenging and doubtlessly, at times I will think I was better off with my stroppy teenagers, but this is a real opportunity to work with future generations of teachers and to add my own little modest contribution.

afraid of change

I am not afraid … I am just very very excited about it all !!

change philosophy