Le ridicule ne tue pas

I have spent a good part of today, time-wasting on Facebook and on Spotify, listening to music and sharing memories with my school friends and with my big sister, Debbie. So, just for the pleasure of it, after Hot Chocolate yesterday, here are a selection of my teen idols !!!

david cassisdy bcr police Donny-Osmond-007 david essex starskyhutchseries

English language assistants are go !!

2014-10-10 10.19.33

One of the parts I really enjoy about my job is working with the English language assistants in our area. This year there are 75 of them and they began work on October 1st. I am proud to be part of their training programme and I enjoy accompanying them along this road they have chosen. It is indeed a road that is so very close to my heart because I started out at that very same point. October 1986 saw me starting out as a language assistant in a collège in the Vosges. Speaking very little French and with hardly any knowledge of French life and culture, I arrived on the ferry from Calais and set to work in the school in the middle of the Vosgian countryside. Within two weeks, I had met my future husband and life had changed forever !! But at the time, I didn’t know that, of course.

I am therefore always excited to meet the new intake every year and it is a challenge to tackle the blank canvases that they represent. Our language assistant for the year, Cherie, is in this photo – welcome to her – and a very good year to all language assistants everywhere in the world.

A few days off

Road map around Paris

I’m off for a few days to get a bit of cultural enhancement !!! A long weekend and Paris in May – that sounds all rather delightful, don’t you think ? A trip to the Louvre, a bateau mouche along the Seine, up to Montmartre and taking in a show. Does that sound like a plan to you ? It certainly does to me !!


My youngest, 13 years old, is about to embark on the family cultural experience !! Last time we did this, we spent most of the day chasing around after a bag that “got forgotten” on the bus. It only contained all our electronic goods – camera, GPS, camcorder … well, the good news is that you now only need to take your phone with you, so that is progress – and surprisingly, we got our bag back intact !! The time before that, we went to see a show and our car got towed away during the evening as it was badly parked !!! We spent half the night, getting it back out of the lock-up !! Not hard to understand why our kids are slightly traumatized about going to the capital !! Still, let’s be zen and hope we will not have any disasters this time !!!