Streamlining and Downsizing

Over the course of summer 2016, I am going to be streamlining my Big English Blog with a view to downsizing a little. It has become too big to handle.


You may have noticed that a large number of the tabs have disappeared. The information is still here – it has just been tidied up a bit. If you can’t locate what you are looking for, try the SEARCH box.

downsizing cartoon


I am also going to be relocating all training resources and information onto the sister blog :

You can find where to go by visiting the FORMATION tab and you will be pointed on your merry way to the correct place.

Any comments or questions always welcome via the CONTACT page.

Enjoy your visit and thanks for dropping by !!

English language assistants are go !!

2014-10-10 10.19.33

One of the parts I really enjoy about my job is working with the English language assistants in our area. This year there are 75 of them and they began work on October 1st. I am proud to be part of their training programme and I enjoy accompanying them along this road they have chosen. It is indeed a road that is so very close to my heart because I started out at that very same point. October 1986 saw me starting out as a language assistant in a collège in the Vosges. Speaking very little French and with hardly any knowledge of French life and culture, I arrived on the ferry from Calais and set to work in the school in the middle of the Vosgian countryside. Within two weeks, I had met my future husband and life had changed forever !! But at the time, I didn’t know that, of course.

I am therefore always excited to meet the new intake every year and it is a challenge to tackle the blank canvases that they represent. Our language assistant for the year, Cherie, is in this photo – welcome to her – and a very good year to all language assistants everywhere in the world.

A truly international blog

A quick glance at my blog stats tonight has revealed that my blog has been visited over 12,000 times since I first created it on July 4th 2012. That in itself is quite a mind-blowing statistic. But further clicking led me to see the following picture, which I am reproducing for you here, showing all the different countries where people have clicked onto my humble little blog.

blog stats 28 12 2013I hope you have found what you were looking for and if you would like to drop me a line, a message or just let me know who you are, you can contact me via the form below.

I can’t quite believe this !!!

world viewsI happened to take a look tonight at the stats for my humble little blog that I put together to help my students in Louviers and what did I discover ? That over the past year, I have had visitors that I did not even know about, from all over the world. People have clicked in to my blog from countries such as India, the Philippines, Spain, Norway, Mauritius – not to mention my dear African countries (although I have a feeling I know who some of you people are !!). I feel truly honoured to know that people around the world are interested in my little blog, based in a small town in Normandy. So welcome everyone and please come again soon. It gives me the greatest pleasure to know that you are here from time to time.