06. Remembrance

poppy installation London Tower 1

1)  Presenting the Tower of London poppies  :


A pdf version of the text is available here : Poppies at the Tower


1a) Do you know what The Last Post is ? Watch this film to find out.


2) The Tower of London poppies film is here :


3) You can read more here : http://poppies.hrp.org.uk/

4) What is the symbolism of the poppy ?



4a) Listen to Dorothy’s memories :

4b) In Flanders Field read by Mary Barraclough


5)  Where the poppies now grow by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey




See the specially dedicated page : https://jennyleger.com/units-of-work/11-kids-literature/11-e-where-the-poppies-now-grow/

6) For work on horses and their role in World War One, click HERE.

7) Where are poppies usually made ? Read about this question HERE and  HERE.