The Teacher’s Reading Corner

On this page, I am grouping together interesting reading links on all sorts of subjects, mainly in the field of current educational thinking and new directions.

harefield_library_childrens_area-largeI love reading articles of this nature, keeping up with latest ideas and opinions. Since the arrival of a tablet in my life, I have actually increased my reading enormously because it is so easy and so handy. Sitting by the fire, with a lovely cup of tea and reading is a favourite pastime and less anti-social than before, when if I wanted to read “work-stuff”, I was up in my study on the computer. I hope you will enjoy reading these articles from other people’s blogs.

To start, an article by Joe  Dale :

The Finnish school system – an analysis : Finland

Setting goals Setting goals article  Matt is an IT teacher in the UK and in his blog, he keeps up with a lot of tecchie stuff. He also writes for The Guardian.

Interesting report on using Facebook groups in schools, something I have been toying with recently here.

The 5MinWellBeingPLan – a brilliant concept. Read about it HERE.

Interesting article to see how education looks across the pond