Food Chains

The topics we are going to work on in the CLIL part of our training are FOOD CHAINS – FOOD WEBS – ADAPTING TO YOUR HABITAT –  UPSETTING THE ECOSYSTEM

The references from the Official documents are to be found on page 8 of the Progressions Cycle 3 Sciences expérimentales et technologie. BO Food chains Progression-pedagogique_Cycle3_Sciences_experimentales_et_technologie_203771 It will be interesting to build on this topic in a spiral learning fashion, using the requirements from CE2 programme as a starting point. BO Food chains stabilo Some suggested resources :

The Food Chain Game :

A slideshare presentation – not too high level of language for us.

An excellent list of resources here :

Excellent game (useable on an  IWB) :

A fun game to help tp understand the balance between grass, rabbits and foxes

A very full resource set with video links and games :


Example of a food chains project :