CORRIGE translation 1 

He has a row with his wife and walks for 95km

A row with his wife and a 95km hike

Patrick is certainly full of good ideas  / when he has an idea, Patrick sees it through to the end.

On Saturday morning after an argument with his wife and son, the father needed to clear his head / get some fresh air. So when he found himself outside of his home in Louvres in the Val d’Oise, Patrick, 47, decided to go to their holiday home, on foot, 95 km away. He left at 11am on Saturday and wasn’t going to be discouraged. He arrived the next morning at Saint Germer de Fly (Oise) after having a 2-3 hour break halfway at the Noailles town hall. Still angry / fuming, Patrick didn’t know / was unaware that his worried wife had declared him missing with the police on the Saturday afternoon. Police patrols finally stopped their searches yesterday afternoon thanks to the quick thinking of Patrick’s brother. As he also lives in Saint German de Fly, he went to take a look at the holiday home address and there he found his brother, calmly snoozing on a sun lounger. Patrick recounted his adventure to the police in the afternoon.

 Aujourd’hui en France 01/08/2011