TS1&2 €uro – Cahier de Texte

February Holiday Homework : Listening activity on South Africa page.

Reading activity p.75 Missions. Read the text and prepare the vocabulary necessary.

For 07/02/13, Listening Activities 2 & 3 on the London Listening Activities page. click here

Reading and Writing : Read the text on Page 43 Missions “Through the eyes of the mayor”. Answer Qs1, 2 and 3.

Revision of If clauses p.219 Missions. Ex 14 Qa-e.


Listening mp3 files New On Target are on the Listening activities page.

For 11/10/12 midnight envoyez un premier brouillon de la rédaction par googledocs (voir le protocole envoyé par mèl ce jour).

For 04/10/12 : 1) Answer Q2-5 p21.  2) Listening activity 5  Dream Jobs / Job Ads

For 27/09/12 : Prepare to present the cartoon. You will be allowed to use 20 keywords only for your oral presentation.