12c) Anne Boleyn


Watch this video (00’34 – 30’28).

Days that shook the world – Anne Boleyn

You will not need to understand EVERYTHING. Do not panic. You must try to answer the following questions.

  1. Give some elements of historical context.
  2. Explain why Anne Boleyn was chosen by Henry VIII. Give details about her.
  3. What was her role in Henry’s life ?
  4. When she became Queen, how did the English people react ?
  5. Why was she to be executed ? What was her crime ?
  6. How old was she when she was arrested ?
  7. Sir William Kingston – give information about him.
  8. Thomas Cromwell – give information about him.
  9. What is Anne’s religious position ?
  10. Who was Catherine of Aragon ? What was her role ?
  11. Give information about Jane Seymour.