1ère €uro

Welcome to the pages for the 1ère €uro class with Jenny LEGER this year. Hold on to your hats and away we go !!!

Quizlet : to practice the verb manipulation exercise, you need to join our group. You can do that by clicking HERE.






Poppies at the Tower : The film to work on is here. It has been uploaded to YouTube. You can find a copy of the film by clicking HERE.


Here is a guide to help you : Faire une bande son pour un film


REMEMBRANCE : to listen to Dorothy, click HERE.

Where are poppies normally made and by whom ?



Lines 1-21

Q1) Why are self-portraits valuable to us ?

Q2) What can we learn from a self-portrait ?

Q3) Prepare the pronunciation of 20 keywords.

text p30 with keywrods highlighted

Methodology for this pronunciation exercise :

Count the number of syllables in the word. Note which syllable is the accentuated one. You can get help on-line : www.howjsay.com


Henry VIII – the questions and the picture are here : https://jennyleger.com/units-of-work/12-henry-viii-tudor-king-of-england/12a-political-and-moral-portrait-henry-viii-by-hans-holbein/

The photos of the vocab on the whiteboard are here :2014-09-10 09.22.58 2014-09-10 09.23.17


Self-portraits work : Here are the images you can choose from :

Self Portraits Collection

Voici le document qui distribue les images selon les binômes. Vous trouverez toutes les images dans mon dropbox (le lien est ci-dessus).

Self-portraits and portraits catalogue 1ère €uro

Today’s board photo :