UPDATE 2019 : my temporary secondment to teacher training has transformed into a full-time post at the ESPE at the Université de Rouen Normandie.

ESPE = Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Enseignement.

Still working with future primary and secondary teachers, preparing them for their roles, teaching English to children in schools.


UPDATE 2017 : No longer a teacher in a lycée, I am moving to the university full-time to do teacher training as a main activity. Working with primary and secondary trainee teachers, some preparing for the dreaded CAPES exam – a fun package.


Teacher of English in a French lycée in the Normandy countryside, 50 km from Rouen and an hour on the train from Paris. An English girl in France, living the dream of baguettes, berets and 2CVs, 

I first trained in the UK, doing a PGCE in 1988-1989. I started teaching in 1989 in West Sussex and then moved to France in 1991 to be with my handsome Frenchman.

I had to retrain in the French system – CAPES in 1997 and Agrégation in 1998 and I have been teaching at the same school ever since.

My areas of professional interest are : teaching pronunciation ( it is bordering on an obsession), teaching through technology (another obsession) and teaching REAL English, the useful stuff that you can really use when you get off the Eurostar in London on your shopping weekend.

My out-of-work interests are : dancing, musical comedies, my garden, my painting and fiddling with manual stuff. I am a faithful supporter of my kids’ football and handball teams. I adore listening to my sons playing the piano, wishing I could play myself and doing a great job of accompanying them terribly on lead vocals !!

I heartily dislike : housework, paperwork, spiders (eek), grumpy people and people stuck in a rut. I need constant change as I bore very easily.

BTW I bring home lots of baguette in my home-made baguette bag, I have hats that are sort-of berets but my handsome Frenchman definitely does not wear one and one day, I will have a 2CV !!

Welcome to my blog.

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