UE37/47 Classroom Games

Trainees often ask me where all the ideas come from. Well, apart from 30+ years of teaching experience … I read a lot and take inspiration from anyone and anywhere. Here are a few suggestions of great books to get you started :

  • 500 activities for the primary classroom
  • Primary Communication Box
  • Primary Pronunciation Box (do not be fooled by the word “Primary” – lots of great ideas to be had here)
  • The Language Teacher Toolkit
  • L’école autrement  – mon tour du monde de pédagogies alternatives (Emile LE MENN)
  • Timesavers series


I also follow teachers on social media and get great ideas from being a member of a forum on FB.

Some games to try :

Swap Shop      Image result for swap shop

Sentence Stealer        Image result for thief

Quiz Quiz Trade        Image result for quiz quiz trade