M1 2nd degré Anglais MSA

Here is the link to the questionnaire for your work placements. Questionnaire

Fiche de voeux – à télécharger, remplir et retourner à Jenny Léger par mail.

PLANNING de cours pour l’INSPE – 2 premières semaines

03/09/2021 13H30-16H30 UE3 recherche S BERNARD (CM)
06/09/2021 9H30-12H30 UE1 Approche didactique S BERNARD (CM)
07/09/2021 9H30-12H30 UE1 Approche didactique S BERNARD (TD)
08/09/2021 9H-12H UE3 Recherche L GOUDET (TD)
10/09/2021 14H-16H UE2 EC2 Préparer une séquence/séance J LEGER (CM)
13/09/2021 9H30-12H30 UE1 Approche didactique S BERNARD (CM)
17/09/2021 14h-16h UE1 EC3 Compétence interculturelle G LE BIHAN (CM) – attention changement d’horaire – voir communication par GLB.

21/09/2021 10h-12h TD Where do you live? Analysing a textbook chapter J LEGER (TD) attention changement d’horaire

ASSIGNMENT N°1 – Becoming the teacher

Download the assignment as a pdf here :

1. Read the extract from « Becoming an outstanding languages teacher » by Steve Smith (éd. Routledge, 2018) pp.3-8, making notes on the different classroom management strategies that the author highlights. The article is available as a pdf on Universitice. It is also available here :

2. Watch the extracts from the films that are proposed : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b0nwvzy50y73034/AAC8alGHqha2L6ktka5hrkZga?dl=0

3. Read “Thank you, Mr Falker” which is a storybook and is available online or in book format the BU. https://storylineonline.net/books/thank-you-mr-falker/

4. The extra mile : you may also like to read/watch the following to take things one step further.

i) Extracts from Boy by Roald Dahl

Part 1 https://cyc-net.org/cyc-online/cycol-0805-dahl.html

Part 2 https://cyc-net.org/cyc-online/cycol-0905-dahl.html

ii) Tom Brown’s Schooldays – Thomas Hughes. This is a classic tale about a boy attending Rugby School in England and discovering the rigours of a British boarding school. You can find film extracts on YouTube which will give you a feel of the flavour of the tale.

iii) Documentary – interviewing Ian Wright (former Arsenal and England footballer) about the influence of one teacher in his life. https://youtu.be/ffzhg9Vc9w4  Watch specifically the passage 6’15-9’00 but the rest will be interesting too.


a) Compare the teaching techniques that the characters in the films and stories demonstrate with the good practice that Steve Smith recommends in his book. Make notes with precise examples.

b) Do the teachers adopt any of Steve Smith’s strategies? If so, which ones? And to what degree of success?

c) If the teachers do not adopt the strategies suggested, can you identify what they COULD have done to improve their techniques?

d) You should make notes, highlight elements of interest within the extracts and prepare any key vocabulary that will be useful. We will be discussing your findings in class together, so you must come to class, prepared to talk about your work.


When you have finished the assignment, take some time to think about WHY, as your teacher, am I asking you to do this assignment? What is my reasoning? What are my learning objectives, in your opinion?