Welcome to Mrs Léger’s blog for her English group in 2nde.

  1. Your first homework is to open a gmail account with a address  and then from that new account, you must send an email to your class address. (Find your class address on the page Contact Addresses)                                                     DEADLINE : Sunday September 9th at MIDNIGHT.
  2. Secondly, you must do the activity  in your textbook which is called MISSIONS. Click on the link. DEADLINE : 10/09/12

Tour of my textbook

3.Thirdly, you must ask your parents to buy a workbook for MISSIONS.

4.Fourthly, you must do Homework Activity 1 Write about yourself. You must open the file that is under the link and complete the sentences. DEADLINE : 10/09/12

Homework Activity 1

You need an exercise book (24×32) for English, the textbook MISSIONS Seconde and the Workbook.

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