One of the best things about being an English teacher is some of the stuff the kids say and do in English. I absolutely adore HOWLERS as they make me fall about laughing, sometimes even reduced to tears – and as they say, you gotta laugh !! Here are some of my best ones and I shall complete these as we go along. My students can rest assured that they will be anonymous here, but they will probably recognize themselves.

Prince Andrew, the Duck of York

I write with my left leg.

I want to speak English like David Beckham (!!)

He looks like he is happy because he has finished his period.

A pair of stripped trousers.

The dog is coupling on the bench.

her hairs are short and curly

We cansee fire and other sheeps, maybe Spain sheeps (describing the Battle of Trafalgar !!)

(Describing soldiers) They are bread (think “pain”).

Translation howlers : we have summer

My father had his tray in 1985.

Sje is shitting on her father (cheating !!!)

He has great sex ( a great sense of humour !!) ???!!!

To be continued …