War Horse – Final Essay

Final Essay War Horse

Choose one of the following subjects and write an essay, using googledocs. Your first proposition must be at least 200 words and you must use Spell-checker and Word Counter BEFORE you share it with me.


Deadline for 1st version : 30/01/2015 Midnight


What is the value of War Horse as a historical document ? Illustrate your work with at least four examples to justify your ideas.

You must include argument and counter-argument. At least five linking words (mots de liaison) and modal verbs. Your ideas must be justified with historical examples and literary ones.


How does the film version of War Horse correspond to the novel, in your opinion ?

You must include at least four examples of comparison. You must use vocabulary of comparison. You must mention the narrative structure. I want to know your personal opinion.


Can we truly consider that an animal can be a hero ?

You must propose arguments and counter-arguments. Do not give your conclusion in the introduction. You must use modal verbs to nuance your ideas. Your ideas must have a logical structure.  At least five linking words (mots de liaison) and modal verbs.

War Horse Final Essay