Plans for future developments

I want to introduce work using google forms and my first idea is to use googleforms to get information about my class in September. I am going to be a class tutor to a class of 1ère STI2D and the google form is ready for them to complete.

homer thinkingThoughts for future uses of googledocs ?

I want to continue and develop further the work on googledocs and I want to try more work on collaborative writing between several students. We dabbled with this in A.P. (Accompagement Personnalisé) in 2nde, but I want to take it further. There is also an interesting chat function in googledocs which I tried using with an excellent class of Terminale L students last year. Doing a series of translations on-line, they were communicating with each other to get help. It was fun and very effective. We were all in the same computer room at the time, but of course, it could also be done at a distance.

An interesting point of view on the use of technology : Article from TES