Meet Bob

I first saw this film on TV as part of an appeal for Sport Relief I actually found it quite upsetting to being with. But once I got past the sadness of it, I realized there was a beautiful story behind it and I felt I wanted to use the story of Bob and his wife, Cath, to illustrate a happy and strong couple, as part of any work I was doing on LOVE. I edited it down to three parts and the 2nd part, which is the upsetting one, could be left to one side, if it was felt appropriate to do so.

All parts of the film plus the original complete film are available from my Dropbox HERE.

bobThe film can be used for other topics and not just for my original choice. It could be used for work on the elderly and issues facing the older generations. There is growing interest in what is known in English as “silver issues”. This fiml could also be of interest to colleagues working on the topic of HEALTH within the STL programme.