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greatest hits coverIf you want to know more about this singer and to discover more of his music, you can explore this part of my blog.

A live performance on Oprah :.

Only the Good Die Young is the title of the song and, as he says, it was highly controversial at the time.

Other favourites : Leningrad

Other titles to research on-line : It’s my life / Just the way you are / Pressure / Piano Man

You may know this one, but did you know it was Billy singing it ? The model, Christie Brinkley, was, at the time, his partner in real life and you can just imagine the laughs they must have had making that video. Check out the early body-poppers – remember, this is the early 1980’s at its best !!

And one to melt even the hardest-hearted …

And if you appreciate A capella, try this one :

To learn about Billy Joel’s life and to read his biographical information, check out these links :

A less advantageous view :