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Writing Dialogues https://jennyleger.com/cecrl-language-skills/writing-skills/writing-dialogues-activities/language-practice-for-dialogues/


Exercise 4 : https://jennyleger.com/translations/


Civil Rights

Selma worksheet : Studying the first four scenes from Selma

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DNL – modèle pour la liste à télécharger et complèter pour l’oral blanc.

Fiche DNL 2017

Air BnB Listening practice


Civil Rights

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The Legend of Kissin’ Kate

The complete movie of “Holes” is on-line here HOLES the full movie


CORRIGE Bac Blanc bb-ce-lv1


Picture to describe is here Exercise 8a  https://jennyleger.com/units-of-work/28-alternative-lifestyles/

Chapter on Alternative Lifestyles HERE.

BBC One Minute News : HERE

WANT revision game : HERE.


The refugee crisis in Europe

Listening :  https://jennyleger.com/units-of-work/09-current-affairs/03-the-refugee-crisis/


To know which text you are to work on, click HERE to check the table.


Uncle Sam Images

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Hiroshima Work HERE.

Help with preparing your Phono work HERE.

Methodology for presenting an image.

Translations HERE

Billy Joel – We didn’t start the fire