Clothes for Cycle 2 & Cycle 3

Dream English : Clothing Chant

Clothing Chant Lyrics


Jazz Chants

The Blue Jeans Blues Jazz Chant

The Short Shorts Blues Jazz Chant


These are my blue jeans Jazz Chant

These are my blue jeans


My feet hurt Jazz Chant

My feet hurt



A video montage by Jenny Léger


Clothes –  Listening activity A1 & A2


On-line quizzes and activities

Identify the person from an audio description

Clothes with Stephanie

Dress Pipo – a fun game

Vocabulary – a game for introducing the written word

A memory game Memory for clothes and colours

A load of resources on clothes : vetement.htm#list

B2 level Listening activities.

Thanks to Sarah (Evreux) for this tip : Learning Apps