A galaxy of Georges for Saint George’s Day

As a way of celebrating the birth day of the Bard, I would recommend a compulsory dose of Shakespeare in Love.will And for Saint George’s Day, well there is the compulsory dragon, of course and another cuter George in a selection of Georges to start off the day. Can you name them all ?

I only half apologize for the presence of two photos of a certain George – if you know me, you will know why !!george-clooneyprince george

st george  George-Formby-jnr George_H._W._Bush,_President_of_the_United_States,_1989_official_portrait george w bush george lazenby


boy-george-20050915-71501 george bestgeorge-harrison young George Clooney Wallpaper @ go4celebrity.com george michael george orwell george osborne George_Harrison_1974_edited (1)