June 6th 2014 – D-Day Commemorations


I just love this photo. I don’t know who the gentlemen are, but it is just such a poignant picture to see them walking on this Normandy beach. Being based in Normandy, we always have quite a heavy diet of D-Day stuff around us, but this week, it has been extra fabulous, seeing all the old vehicles on the road, making their way to the commemoration events. On Monday, there was a whole convoy of about twenty ambulances, jeeps and army trucks lined up on the side of the road leading out of my town of Louviers. People were tooting and waving to the drivers. It felt so friendly and warm. Even the usually-so-cool  teenagers from my school were joining in the fun and waving away to them. A wonderful moment as part of these commemoration events. Wishing a very enjoyable day to everyone involved.