Rik Mayall

If you are, like me, a kid who was a teenager in the 1980s, you cannot help but have been influenced by the absurdly politially incorrect TV series The Young Ones, that we all adored but our parents tried to stop us from watching !!RikMayall I felt so saddened tonight to learn that Rik Mayall aka Rik from The Young Ones, died this morning at the very young age of 56. This has made me go back over what I knew about him and what I remembered of his various roles. Blackadder remains a favourite but TYO has to top it all and in particular, the scene when TYO appear on University Challenge. Classic.

Some of the one-liners from the show became our stock reponses to anything said by anyone in an authority position. We must have driven our parents and teachers mad ! I honed my sarcasm skills through watching this TV series and my rather silly and over-the-top sense of humour. The relationship between Rik and side-kick Vyvyen was hilarious. rickvyvcouchSo, as a tribute to Rik, (yes we have a video) and as a reminder to those who remember, like me, how rude and outrageous he was, here is an obit article and a video, showing who it is I am talking about. And as I checked out some of my references before writing this post, I came across another of my favourites, which I use in class at least once a week and it is the legendary “Kevin’s ear”. Any Kevin that crosses my path is entitled to hear that on a regular basis. I had forgotten that it came from Rik Mayall (in my mind, I had thought it was a Harry Enfield number). I have enjoyed watching Kevin Turvey sketches this evening and I include one here, for ayone who might like to take a look. And to any Brummies who may be reading, I am loving the accent and thinking how happy I am not to talk like Kevin Turvey any more !!

Similarly whenever I have a Victor in my class, as  I invariably do, I love asking the question “Is Vic there ?” My humour is wasted on my pupils who don’t get it, but it keeps me amused. So, in memory of Rik Mayall and with thanks for the hours of fun and for the gift that just keeps on giving, in the form of Kevin’s Ear, please enjoy the following …

Rik Mayall Obit’