Twenty five years ago

wall-ap460_1498697c West-Germans-on-Berlin-Wa-001


And an end to this : the-berlin-wall-separating-west-berlin-everett

As a child of the 60’s, I grew up knowing that there was a West Berlin and an East Berlin. I didn’t really understand what it meant and what the wall was really all about. On the day it “came down”, in 1989, I was a teacher in a school in England and I remember the Headmaster gathered us all together in the assembly hall to announce what a momentous occasion it was and how we were all living a piece of history at that very moment. Can it really be twenty-five years ago ? And have I still not achieved that ambition of going to Berlin to visit ?

And to finish, how can I not mention the comment of one of my students when we studied this image, a photo taken during President Kennedy’s visit to Berlin ? The student asked me, in all seriousness “Was Nicolas Sarkozy there in Berlin on that day too ?” When you look closely, you can see his point !!

Sarko berlin wall