After the party

“Well,” said the Queen to the little bear “where do you go from here?”

“I am not sure your Majesty” Paddington Bear answered with a tear.

“You see, the Browns have all grown up and gone on their separate ways.”

Paddington continued “I am now homeless as I have nowhere else to stay.”

“Well, my little friend” the Queen replied to him “this will never do at all.

“I too am all alone. You can move into my palace. I’m sure we will have a ball.”

The little bear looked up and asked “Will there be marmalade, dear Queen?”

“Of course,” she replied. “The biggest spread of sandwiches you’ve ever seen.

And cups of tea and crockery that you can drop and I will never never mind.”

The little bear replied “Your Majesty I accept your offer. You are very, very kind.”

PS – Stronger together