A facelift

To celebrate the summer holidays and to celebrate my two years of blogging and to celebrate my 25 years in teaching and to celebrate my son’s Baccalauréat and to celebrate … well, any excuse is a good one really … I am going to be giving this blog a facelift, a makeover, a “relooking”. So watch this space to check it out over the next few weeks or so. I hope you will like my new swagger !!



I just saw this photo on Twitter and it took me a few moments to get it, but now, that I have got it, I am still smiling to myself about it. Just the sort of comment I like. I hope you enjoy it too.

portrait landscape


Delete all cookies





I came across this picture today and it really made me smile. As someone who is about to embark on the mega clean-up of my PC, it did make me wonder how easy I would find it to delete all cookies ? Cookies, biscuits, chocolate – all deleted in one push of a button. Then what ? CTRL-Z ? Would that bring everything back again ?delet cookies