The gift that keeps on giving

I just had to post this image here this morning : 2014-07-25 09.13.17This Lavatera bush is in the back of our garden. It was a very woody, ugly cutting that I shoved into this bit of border, not really knowing what else to do with it. I realized fairly early on in the Spring that it looked laden with buds and had hopes for a full bloom, but this has gone beyond all expectations. One month ago, we held a mega-party for the kids’ birthdays (18 and 20 years old) and in the weeks running up to the party, we were hoping the bush would burst into bloom in time for the birthday weekend. It did just that, and here, one month on, it is still going strong, hence the title of this blogpost. It is absolutely splendid and ticks so many boxes on so many levels. To start with, it is truly beautiful, it has to be said. It has been this way for a month now and shows no sign of stopping, so it gives a huge swash of colour to a whole corner of the garden. Behind this bush is our compost heap, so that is hidden completely from view. The bush is planted in a flower bed that I would normally be thinking about weeding. To be honest, even if there are any weeds in there, we certainly can’t see them and so, I don’t worry about them !! The bush has spread out so far that it has reduced the mowing surface of the lawn, which has to be a good thing !! Less mowing to do !! And finally, this very bush was actually a cutting that I took from another one, so I am going to be taking cuttings from this beauty to share around friends over the next few months, so if you like the look of this, let me know and I’ll pop a cutting in for you too !!

Whenever I look out of the back window and see this sight, it brings a smile to my face as it is simply so lovely ! And of course, a lot of people know about my penchant for the colour PINK !!

2014-07-25 09.13.07


Summer time

The summer holidays are almost upon us and today is my last formal planning meeting for next year. Exam results are out on Friday and so this marks the end of another school year cycle. I have been in the same school since September 1998, so that means this will be my 17th Rentrée in September. I have missed only one in all those years and that was when I was pregnant with Luke, now 13 !!

summerPersonally I adore this time of year, when the promise of two months of summer stretch out ahead of me. This month of July will be studious as I try to prepare as much as possible for the coming year. Nothing is removed from this blog but the ARCHIVES  section will get bigger as I have the big tidy-up !! New sections will appear as preparations get underway for next September. New classes, new challenges – today’s meeting will determine which groups and which classes I will be involved in at school. This will influence what new adventures will be happening in my professional life and reflected here and my other blogs.

The summer is, for me, a time to work my way down that reading pile that I love to make for myself. I have already finished three books since lessons ended in June, so now July is here, the serious stuff can begin. An eclectic mix this year, including The Fault in our Stars, Watership Down, The War Horses (a lovely coffee table book) and The Curious Incident of a dog in the night time (or some title like that). Some old favs will be revisited “The Boy in the Striped PJ’s” remains one of my greats ever. I shall be so busy reading that I shall wonder how I ever found time to go to work !! If anyone is looking for me and can’t find me, I shall no doubt be on my sun lounger under a shady tree somewhere in the garden with my book, a cool drink or a nice cup of tea and my iPod, catching up on my year’s work !! Don’t call me as I won’t hear you !!

Happy summer holidays to everyone reading this !!reading a book