A change of image

A “relooking” for my header image today as I celebrate 25,000+ hits on my humble little blog. Very excited to have passed the mark, as it was an objective I had fixed myself and kapow, here it is – been there, done that !!

I have chosen to deviate from the image of the Hampshire coastline and to go for fish and chips. There is a reason for this. I have never been a huge fan of fish and chips in recent years. It was always our Saturday night treat after swimming club as kids and they were, of course, wrapped up in newspaper. But I was somehow never able to re-create the same images as an adult. Fish was nice but could have done without the batter – and the chips, well, I guess I have developed more of a taste for allumette-style French fries these days. HOWEVER on our recent trip to England, we discovered a lovely old-fashioned pub in the heart of Chichester and their fish and chips were divine !!!

So, thanks to all who come regularly from all over the world. The list is impressive. Welcome to any new people and please keep on coming !!