Le ridicule ne tue pas

I have spent a good part of today, time-wasting on Facebook and on Spotify, listening to music and sharing memories with my school friends and with my big sister, Debbie. So, just for the pleasure of it, after Hot Chocolate yesterday, here are a selection of my teen idols !!!

david cassisdy bcr police Donny-Osmond-007 david essex starskyhutchseries

Spring is on its way

This is my favourite time of year, when Spring is starting to let us know that it will soon be here. This morning, going out of the house at 7.15 am, it was still dark but the sun was starting to rise and day was trying to break. internationaldawnchorusdayI suddenly realized that I could hear birdsong. What a welcome sound !! As I backed the car out of the garage and edged out onto the road, I passed by the front flower bed and there I spotted my first snowdrops of Spring. SnowdropsDaffodils are peeking their cheeky heads through the earth – still well green for the moment, but time will tell !! Spring is definitely on its way. But don’t tell the hens – they are frisky enough as it is !! First Rocky the Rooster coming to spend time with them everyday. now a 2nd suitor hanging around !!! It’s getting busy in the back garden.hello spring