Summer time

The time for the big switch off is fast approaching as July comes to a close. You may remember a recent post about decorating and turning out of my study. Well, it is now done and virtually finished. I am now writing from a magnificent 3 metre long desk with more space than I know what to do with (not for long !!), the tidiest bookshelves in the history of mankind and a cool, subtle colour palette of cream and macaroon-coffee (well, that is what it said on the tin !!).20140730_163702[1]20140730_163641[1] It smells clean and fresh and will be awaiting my return from our family break by the pool. Three weeks of work, on and off – but an immense sense of satisfaction now that it is completed.

Work will be resuming in my new study after the summer break. For the moment, it can remain all tidy and beautifully neat – for the time being.

Happy summer holidays to everyone. Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the chill-time and the relaxation, enjoy the big switch off which is almost upon us !!

switch off pc

My professional life in boxes

I have just finished tonight boxing up my professional life. This is what it looks like :


Why this excess of tidyness ? Well, after thirteen years, I have decided to redecorate my study space. It was originally done out as a nursery for my youngest (now age 13) and as you can see from this photo below, the teddies and stars on the wall are perhaps in need of an update !! 20140714_224128

Packing everything up into boxes was not only intensely satisfying, it was also quite therapeutic as a way of saying goodbye to the old year before heradling in the new, with its new challenges and classes.

Packing up boxes means that at some point, the boxes are all going to be unpacked to take their place in my shiny, newly-decorated office. I am going to be ruthless. Just today alone I binned an impressive quantity of old lessons and exam papers. Bac exams dating back to 2004, when I know for a fact that all resources are on-line. BTS lessons from 2005 are now out of date and so, are now filed under WPB, as my Dad always says. (Filed under WPB = Waste Paper Bin !!).

In the coming days, I am going to hit the paint big-time !! First decision – what colour scheme should I choose ? This is going to keep me busy for a while, just deciding !! No more teddies, but do I go for cool and restful or funky and colourful ? Decisions, decisions, decisions !

Watch this space to see how things progress and to see how long before I get my life back into some kind of order !!

watch this space