To my lovely studes who all made it through the Baccalaureate

I’m a very “proud mum” today as my pupils are all moving on to the next stage of their lives. It has been a pleasure to work with you all this year. Let’s hope our paths may cross again at some point in the future. You have my very best wishes as you move on to your new lives …


good luck

Something for the weekend, sir

Over this weekend, I have been participating in the Virtual Round Table, a series of international on-line conferences about using technology to enhance our teaching. It has been a real thrill to exchange with like-minded souls from across the globe and I have connected with people from all sorts of places that I can hardly place on a map. It is so exciting to swap ideas and tips. It makes me realize how geeky I truly am becoming and it also reminded me of this photo I spotted on Twitter or somewhere similar over the past few days. So after my plethora of Georges, it is Geeksville International for a while.

This photo below will be featuring in one of my sequences starting when school returns. Will it be your class ???

technology evolution