Does anyone like listening to podcasts ?

As an alternative to the radio on my hour (often more)-long drive to and from work at the university, I have taken to listening to podcasts. There are such an enormous amount to choose from. My particular favourite at the moment is very much work-related. it is called The mfltwitterati podcasts and it showcases lots of what is happening in the area of teaching languages with technology. Some great ideas that are really inspiring – and often the ideas in themselves are really simple. Often the way, isn’t it ?


Image by Tumisu on Pixabay

On a non-work note, my big favourite has to be Gardener’s Question Time or GQT to those “in the know” !! A sign of middle age, when your favourite thing to listen to is a gardening programme !!!

Of course, the priority of the week is, has always been and will always be catching up on The Archers Omnibus. I first started listening to The Archers when my eldest son was a baby and he is about to turn 25 next month so well, 25 years ago !! My my !! But even 25 years ago, the radio soap had been already running for years. It began post-war and was aiming at giving people small-scale farming, land management, gardening advice and all based around life in a small country village in the imagined county of Borsetshire. I have often thought to myself that the village where I live is like a miniature French version of Ambridge with its different characters. It runs for 10 minutes every day with an hour long “catch-up” as the omnibus edition every Sunday morning. So, now that podcasts exist, I just have to download and that is my Monday commute listening sorted !!


Image by David D from Pixabay

Any other suggestions for podcasts I might like, please let me know.


On-line play tools

I have been playing with language apps over the weekend. As you may know, if you have been on training courses with me, or in my classroom, I am an unconditional fan of Triptico.triptico I use it in virtually every lesson, for creating groups, for designating students, for modifying seating plans in the classroom, for testing vocabulary, for practising questions … the list is endless. I am still discovering the full potential of the package. I have also introduced it to many fellow teachers and also to our English language assistants on our training programmes. I hope that through the use of this tool, kids will be having more and more fun as they learn.

I have been playing with Quizlet over the weekend and discovering what I can do with this tool too, in ways that will be complementary to my use of Triptico. quizletQuizlet is a vocabulary learning tool and it basically creates virtual flashcards which can then be accessed by others to practice the vocabulary in game form. Teachers can create card sets but also students. They can share them among themselves and when they play games, they are given a score. these scores can be collated into a table, with classifications.

There is a free version of Quizlet and a paying version. I have actually opted for the paying version because I wanted to explore the potential of the voice function, which is available in the paid version only. But that is my personal choice. If you want to know more about Quizlet, you can find some examples that I have prepared for my students HERE as part of our e-book project. If you are interested in the e-book project itself, you can click HERE. You would be welcome to visit and any feedback before I go live with the kids next week would be appreciated.

For more information on using Triptico and other tools in the classroom, you might like to check out my “Technology in the Classroom” pages HERE.


Something for the weekend, sir

Over this weekend, I have been participating in the Virtual Round Table, a series of international on-line conferences about using technology to enhance our teaching. It has been a real thrill to exchange with like-minded souls from across the globe and I have connected with people from all sorts of places that I can hardly place on a map. It is so exciting to swap ideas and tips. It makes me realize how geeky I truly am becoming and it also reminded me of this photo I spotted on Twitter or somewhere similar over the past few days. So after my plethora of Georges, it is Geeksville International for a while.

This photo below will be featuring in one of my sequences starting when school returns. Will it be your class ???

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