Visit N°3 with our partner school

We welcomed our partner class of CE2-CM1 kids to the lycée today. They arrived in time for a picnic lunch, had a guided tour of the school and then played some games with my 1STMG students before leaving to go back their school.

It was an amazing visit. The close bonds between the generations was touching to see. The older kids were very protective of the younger ones and very caring and attentive. The little ones obviously felt so grown up, being in the lycée. They were so excited at everything they saw. my interactive white board just blew them away!! A lab colleague showed some of them round the science labs. Wow ! A Spanish colleague welcomed some into her lesson. And a group that was visiting the Lycée Pro were given a go on the soap production machine, coming away with some bars of soap as a souvenir. Thanks to those colleagues. None of that was planned in advance – just some spontaneous gestures of kindness and availability that are so appreciated.

The CE2-CM1 kids had prepared some songs to sing for us. They then taught my pupils the songs. Seeing my older kids, usually so cool and image-conscious, joining in with Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes – that has to be one of my highlights of the year !!

During the games session, we wanted to introduce some questions based on telling the time. My 1STMG kids began to panic – we all know that telling the time is one of their weak points. The CE2-CM1 kids were being reassuring, saying they would help the older ones out !! Ha ha !!

It was a great visit. Having little kids around, so natural and innocent, makes you go back the basics of what school, learning and education shold be all about. Thanks to Karine, the class teacher and to all her pupils for thier infectious enthusiasm. And thanks to my 1STMG class – for following me in this wacky project, but one which will remain with us all for a very long time.


Another goal to reach

As I am writing, the number of hits on this blog is 18,374. With three and a half weeks until the Easter holidays, my goal is to reach 20,000 hits before Easter. Can we do it ? Yes, we can !! I know we can. How do I know this ? Because I am confident in the knowledge that my pupils are working hard and using this blog to do so. I can see it on the stats as I follow who is doing what. I see it in their work in the classroom as they re-invest what they have been doing at home.

I know we can do it because I see also the countries that are following my blog too. I check my stats page every day to see which countries are there and I smile to myself as I realize that people around the world are checking out what I have to offer. It is very exciting being part of the blogosphere and to know I am being read around the world.

So, we’re on the road to 20,000 before April 19th. Let’s see how quickly we can get there, everyone.


I can’t quite believe this !!!

world viewsI happened to take a look tonight at the stats for my humble little blog that I put together to help my students in Louviers and what did I discover ? That over the past year, I have had visitors that I did not even know about, from all over the world. People have clicked in to my blog from countries such as India, the Philippines, Spain, Norway, Mauritius – not to mention my dear African countries (although I have a feeling I know who some of you people are !!). I feel truly honoured to know that people around the world are interested in my little blog, based in a small town in Normandy. So welcome everyone and please come again soon. It gives me the greatest pleasure to know that you are here from time to time.